The impact of intercultural communication within my world essay

A view of business, organisation and human resource literature produced three types of definitions of diversity: When coordination and interaction within the organisation is good, both employees and business will benefit. When dealing with global business, one must be an effective intercultural communicator.

To succeed in managing workforce that is increasingly diverse and multinational, managers need knowledge about cultural differences and similarities among people from different backgrounds Golembiewski, Cultural, racial and gender differences affect our experiences.

Businesses must be aware of the impact of cultural diversity on important business factors especially communication and the degree of the effect of cultural diversity on it Henderson, The manager who manages diversity should understand that diversity includes every employee.

When communicating cross-culturally one must pay special attention to greetings, dress, space, touch, posture, gestures, and food Hynes, About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

People interpret information differently even when the same language is used. The use of different languages often creates barrier to communication because one or both sides are not articulate as they could be in their native tongue. They also need to be sensitive to these differences that can contribute to their effectiveness in cross cultural communication.

It is important for a cross-cultural communicator to understand the implications of their greetings to the other culture. As is true in all communication, nonverbal communication makes up the majority of communication in intercultural communication.

The human resource approach focuses on the interaction between people and the organization.

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If not managed properly it can create problems. Perceptual, cultural and language barriers need to be overcome for diversity programs to succeed. Often the message that is communicated, maybe different from the one that was intended because of cultural barriers.

When managed properly, cultural diversity can provide competitive advantages for an organisation. Taking full advantage of the benefits of diversity in the workplace is not without its challenges.

Diversity in the Workplace: Against the backdrop of broad definitions, on the one hand, and the narrow ones on the other, generating a definition of workplace diversity that will be relevant and applicable in different cultures proves to be a challenge.

It is important how the organisation addresses and responds to problems that arise from diversity. Communication problems due to diversity may become magnified because people are afraid or otherwise unwilling to discuss openly about the issues. Workplace diversity refers to the division of the workforce into distinction categories that have a perceived commonality within a given cultural or national context and that impact potentially harmful or beneficial employment outcomes such as job opportunities, treatment in the workplace and promotion prospects, irrespective of job related skills and qualifications Stockdale and Crosby, Some of the distinction categories may either have a positive or negative impact on employment and job prospects in different countries Albrecht, - Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication is commonly explained as an interaction between people of 'different cultures whether defined in terms of racial, ethnic or socioeconomic differences.' Human communication consists of verbal and nonverbal messages (language and gestures) which are shaped by gender, social class or culture.

This communication analysis will deconstruct the term intercultural communication and explain the problems associated with this type of communication. Three main issues surround the problem of intercultural communication: language barriers, cultural diversity, and ethnocentrism/5(12).

Sep 18,  · Importance of Intercultural Communication Essay Intercultural Communication - Words Intercultural Communication Analysis When I first decided to move to United States from Tanzania, my first concern was how I will be able to communicate with the people there.

Intercultural Communications

Intercultural Communication Introduction According to Hynes (), in over 30 percent of the United States' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was attributed to international trade.4/4(1).

i»? Kelsey Simpson Myles Hill CMN October 10, The Impact of Intercultural Communication within My World The concept of Intercultural Communication has been a part of everyone regardless of whether they realize it or not. Intercultural communication is widely regarded as being much more challenging than the normal communication because it occurs between two or more people with extensively different world views (Samovar, Porter, & McDaniel, ).

The impact of intercultural communication within my world essay
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