The adventure to the island of guanahani

Number of islands[ edit ] One question in dispute is whether Guanahani was one island or more than one.

In the 17th century, San Salvador was settled by an English Buccaneer, John Watling alternately referred to as George Watlingwho gave the island its alternative historical name.

Inter-island track[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. When Columbus returned to Spain after the first voyage, he reported to the royal court at Barcelona and presented his original log to the Spanish sovereigns.

The word laguna creates many problems. His next statement is more problematic.

Francis Xavier in Nassau. Salinity and dissolved oxygen are consistent throughout the island and throughout the year 35 ppt and 6. That attempt soon proved futile because it was too shallow, and Columbus reversed course and returned to the northern end, awaiting the arrival of the King which his kidnapped Indian guides had told him about.

His tomb can still be seen on San Salvador.

It then passed to his son Fernando and remained in his vast library for many years. Evidence of currents from the Atlantic Ocean can be found on the east coast in the form of trash and debris on the beaches.

Columbus noticed a reef that completely surrounded the island. After two days of fruitless waiting for the King and another day becalmed, Columbus departed from the northern end of Island IV at midnight on October 24, setting his sights on Cuba, the large island to the south he had been told about.

Therefore, he went the length of the island in a north-northeast direction. The actual landfall was about 35 miles from the location Columbus saw the light, so if taken that the light was from a ground-based source, then it could not have been from Guanahani, but must have been from another island farther east.

San Salvador Island

From Cabo Hermoso, Columbus described a "great bight" to the northeast. Strictly speaking this is impossible, as there are a few places where the log seems to contradict itself. Queen Isabella ordered that the log be copied. The original soon disappeared, but the so-called Barcelona copy was returned to Columbus prior to his second voyage and was in his possession at the time of his death in At some point, he fixed his position at seven leagues southeast of Cape Verde, which he describes as being "in the western part of the southern part" of Island III.

The island is served by San Salvador International Airport. The island was called Guanahani by the Natives of the island, and the name was promptly changed following Spanish colonization.

The town has a population of Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Attempts to recover the drifter have been unsuccessful. For the Plana Cays theory, the light would have been on Mayaguana. He arrived at Island II around noon, delayed by a contrary marea usually translated as "tide", although "breeze" is possiblere-estimating the distance as seven leagues rather than five.

Cat Island was long believed to be Guanahani and identified as such on many nautical charts from the 18th century.Guanahani is an island in the Bahamas that was the first land in the New World sighted and visited by Christopher Columbus' first voyage, on October 12, It is not known precisely which island it was, and several theories have been put forth by historians.

Guanahani is the native Taíno name; Columbus called it San Salvador. San Salvador Island, also called Watlings Island, one of the islands of The Bahamas, in the West Indies.

San Salvador is believed by many scholars to be the island of Guanahani, where Christopher Columbus made his first landing in the New World on October 12, If you are looking for adventure, our sport-based offerings include catamaran sailing, diving, kayaking, kite surfing, snorkeling, and surfing.

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The adventure to the island of guanahani
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