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It will endorse harmonization across the distinct functions and areas.

The managers managing the Supply Chain operations should be accountable and committed and should not rely just on standards and procedures, which can be accomplished by closely working together with the Supply Chain operational team.

The Supply Chain business in Schlumberger should be approached in a more systematic manner based on documented and integrated processes.

As denoted earlier this report emphasizes on the physical connection to the regulation of directorial resources, and the solution lies in developing an integrated Supply Chain Management system based on the structure approach where regulation, strategizing and administering is an essential dimension of accomplishing directorial objectives through improved coordination of resources within the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Management

The key challenge that the oil and gas corporations face is tapping the existing oil and gas resources and enabling it reach the final consumer at an affordable price.

The schlumberger management has kept it simplified just for purposes of this given report. This begs the question of what is a management system. These phases illustrate the connection points in the supply chain as they represent different entities in regard to the activity taking place.

All the Supply Chain administrative system approaches, practices, and documents are incorporated in one of the eight inter-connected elements of this system. This will be civilizing the utilization of information by banking upon obtainable facts and giving decisive considerations for planned regulation, level of uncertainty and risk in the international Supply Chain.

The multifaceted environment of the oilfield supply chain and the modern business surroundings entails high levels of indecision and complication regarding the methods to be used and balance of performance should be taken into consideration in regulating and administering such global Supply Chains.

Schlumberger Supply Chain Management System Solution Approach As mentioned above the solution to the difficulties faced by Schlumberger Corporation today in administering its global supply chain is in incorporating all the Supply Chain functionalities in one structure under the umbrella of administration and regulation.

In addition, to the supply chain at Schlumbeger corporation gaining more convolution because of the participation of a cultural variety backgrounds and job ethics across different geographic regions thus avoiding going into the details of the cultural features of the supply chain Firms, In schlumberger, they define Supply chain management as a universal, strategic coordination of the usual business purposes and the procedures across these business activities within a specific corporation and across industries within the Supply Chain, with the objective of civilizing the long-term presentation of the individual companies and the Supply Chain management as a whole Chima, According to this definition, it is clear that the focus is not on simply reducing cost or lowering inventories but rather on captivating a systems advance to Supply Chain Management as explained by Simchi-Levi, David.

The business exists in sections across worldwide regions with the objective of tapping oil and gas reserves.

Global Supply Chain Management Business Essay

These reserves would be adequate to satisfy the demand for oil and gas worldwide for a period to come. Currently the corporation offers job opportunities having a staff inventory of seventy seven thousand employees with distinct nationalities. Changing that alone would of provided much needed knowledge of the progress of this system as the deadline became closer.

This is only achievable through an effective and efficient supply chain, which is rooted in management. We would utilize this description for the objective of this report since it closely advocates for the ideologies of Supply Chain in Schlumberger Mentzer, et al.

The border within the phases shows various distinct corporations where output of one company is the input of another company. This will improve regulation and administration of the practices across the whole Supply Chain. However, Mentzer, et al. The distinct Supply Chain components like manufacturers, suppliers, stores, and warehouses should be integrated in a single approach, which makes Supply Chain administration more efficient and effective.

W detail in their research that Supply Chain Management has been feebly described and there is an extent of inconsistency in individuals thoughts about what Supply Chain Management actually means.

This is due to the specific desired results, assigning individual staff accountability for accomplishing specified tasks and observing staff achievements. This is mainly where production regulations revolve around the usual sculpts of administration because of performance.

Copenhagen Business School Press. The complications connected with such a supply chain, which cannot be tackled through a current management and regulation practices.

This then hurt the Florida Retail Company in the end because of the fact that the computer system was a giant mess for the company. These regions include North America, passing all other regions towards the Far East.Global operation and supply chains Name Institution The global supply chain is a created network between the different worldwide companies that mainly involves producing, handling and distributing specific products.

Oct 14,  · Another controllable aspect to Starbuck's supply chain is the opportunity to take advantage of global supply chain that it has created which has been estimated to provide top quality coffee to fifty million customers in fifty-one countries each and every week (Cooke, ).

Supply Chain Management Essay. Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is the management of supplies to achieve customer value and develop product in the effective and efficient ways possible.

Supply Chain Management Essay Examples. 17 total results. The Importance of the Supply Chain in Today's Society. 3, words. 8 pages. A Description of Supply Chain Management as a Broad Focused Management. 1, words. 4 pages. The Different Elements of an Efficient and Successful Supply Chain Management.

5, words. 13. The oil and gas industry operates under a complex supply chain that is from the manufacturers point to the consumer.

Global Supply Chain Essays (Examples)

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