Singin in the rain

InScottish folk rock-singer John Martyn did an acoustic folk jazz -version on his album Bless the Weatherwhere he accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and sang several overdubbed backing vocals.

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has covered the song on many different occasions, including releasing it on The Best of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra album in He performs it while being drenched in water by comedy partner and co-host Jerry Lewis.

The Gene Kelly version of the song is also played over the closing credits. The number was originally conceived as Kelly singing a medley of other songs to her as they romped around various studio back lot sets.

The tune is briefly heard in the comedy The Big Noisewhen Oliver Hardy is drenched by a shower nozzle.

Singin' in the Rain

Mint Royale version[ edit ]. Leif Garrett released a version of the song on his album, Same Goes for You.

Singin' in the Rain (song)

Although there is no precise documentation of what or where it was, close examination of footage toward the end of the dance shows an abrupt cut when Charisse is wrapped around Kelly, indicating the probable location.

Rolfe and his Lucky Strike Orchestra recorded the song possibly as early as but perhaps A common myth is that Kelly managed to perform the entire song in one take, thanks to cameras placed at predetermined locations.

However, this was not the case, the filming of the sequence taking place over 2—3 days. After shooting the "Good Morning" routine, which had taken from 8: The film is recognized by the American Film Institute in these lists: A version was also performed by Jheena Lodwick inon her album titled "Singing in the rain".

Kelly Gene - Singing In The Rain Lyrics

A version performed by the UK comedy partnership Morecambe and Wise was ranked at the top of a poll of their Greatest Moments. The song was incorporated by Michael Kamen into his score for the film Die Hardwhere it is most closely associated with the character of Theo Clarence Gilyard.

Hearing what had happened, Astaire volunteered to help her with her dancing. The song was covered in by Carmen Bradford in her Jazz album "Home With You" In the film called Robotswhen Fender says goodbye to Loretta with a blowing kiss, he happily sings a parody called "Singing in the Oil" which is to the tune of this song and dances around until he gets caught by a Sweeper.

Kelly later admitted that he had not been kind to Reynolds and was surprised that she was still willing to talk to him afterwards. The film is ranked as No. The song was also recorded by John Serry, Sr.

In a subsequent encounter when Fred Astaire was in the studio, he found Reynolds crying under a piano.

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Song form[ edit ] The song has an unusual form: Kubrick bought the rights to this song immediately after filming this scene. Many of these items were sold at a auction in Hollywood. The song is also performed during the opening credits of the film, and briefly near the end of the film by Debbie Reynolds.

There is a jazz vocal rendition by Joe Williams on his album Then and Now.I first watched "Singin' in the Rain" about 20 years ago in my high school dance class on a rainy day!

Singin’ in the Rain

And even back inI thought it was truly a fabulous, energetic, and fun movie to watch! Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor were absolutely amazing and phenomenal!! Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor star in Singin' in the Rain, one of the greatest and most successful musicals ever filmed - filled with memorable songs, lavish routines and Kelly's %.

Watch Full movie Singin' in the Rain () Online Free.A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound stream movies.

Feb 14,  · There is no movie musical more fun than "Singin' in the Rain,” and few that remain as fresh over the years. Its originality is all the more startling if you reflect that only one of its songs was written new for the film, that the producers plundered MGM's storage vaults for sets and props, and 4/4.

"Singin' in the Rain" is a song with lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, published in The song is a centerpiece of the musical film of the same name, Singin' in the Rain (). It is unclear exactly when the song was written; it has been claimed that.

Singin' In The Rain

The "Greatest Movie Musical of All Time" is faithfully and lovingly adapted by Broadway legends, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, from their original award-winning screenplay in Singin' in the unforgettable scene, song and dance is accounted for, including the show-stopping title number, complete with an onstage rainstorm!

Singin in the rain
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