Organizational culture of secret recipe cafe

Aside from that it is also a marketing strategy of many businesses in order to get the attention and cater to the needs of their business customers, primarily those foreigners who came for business travels. The said action was important because of the fact that food service is dependent in tourism, because tourism will help to increase the number of people in the country, thus increasing the target market for Secret Recipe.

Values that would evoke emotion and inspire action.

Why Organizational Culture is Important

As a result, the company is offering different benefits and other financial aspects that will motivate the interested individuals to enter the team of Secret Recipe.

This is because of the fact that the knowledge, skills and ability of the staffs reflect the organizational image of an organization. Aside from that, due to the continuing expansion of shopping malls and supermarkets or hypermarkets in the country, consumers are spending more time in different retail outlets; thus, create opportunities for the food-service retail industry Thus, integration of the different systems inside the organization is a vital aspect First is that it will be important to offer their customers, primarily business customers an access to a free Wi-Fi connection that will serve as an additional attraction or marketing.

This is an answer to the growing challenge of the changing preferences of people towards communication as well as the growing inclination of people for different hand-held device such as PDAs and laptop. The employment rate has a great impact on the buying behavior of the consumer. We love talking about organizational culture.

Aside from that, it can also catch the attention of other generation, together with the students who can stay inside a food-service store, while studying or chatting with their friends.

Therefore, it is vital for Secret Recipe to maintain their connection to their partners regarding their system.

Though we knew the type of culture we wanted it would have been premature to try and capture it on paper before it was baked. Above all, due to the growing popularity of mobile Internet, it is a must for the company to establish a website that is compatible in the said technology.

Most people could probably only guess what they mean, but to those in Team Rubicon they speak volumes. First, the leader must set the vision — where are we going?

Currently, we are now living in the world where in information is already considered as an important resource for a company or organization. Thus, it also focus on maintaining competitive advantage which focuses on how the company will handle time pressure and will prevent any errors in the transactions that will drive the customers away.

In my opinion, a leader has only a handful of jobs. I put pen to paper well, I typed, rather and developed a first draft. Eating is considered as an obsession for many Malaysians regardless of their races. By applying the said technology, all of the data regarding sales will be automatically transfer to the back-office business intelligence of inventory management systems of Secret Recipe.Secret Recipe uses IBM SurePos & iWaiter solutions to empower staff to increase sales and improve tracking of its franchisees' sales Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe (Secret Recipe) is a retail food-services company in Malaysia with.

Secret Recipe is a lifestyle café was founded in by. It started a small family business, but in just short period of time, it had become leader in the market with profit soars up to % inalone.


- Lifestyle cafe in Malaysia, started in - Established house name in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia,Thailand, Pakistan, Brunei & Cambodia. Due to the complexity of China's culture and market, Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Datuk Steven Sim says that the company is coming up with a different strategy to tackle the unique Chinese market.

Organizational Culture Of Secret Recipe Cafe. Introduction a. The business nature of the organization The Secret recipe’s real corporation name is Secret Recipe Cakes &Café Dato’ Steven Sim is the founder of Secret Recipe and their first outlet in SS2, Petaling Jaya; in They are locally registered companies under.

Why Organizational Culture is Important Our company culture is the intersection, really the collision, of our ethos — what we believe, and our mission — what we do. We love talking about organizational culture.

Organizational culture of secret recipe cafe
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