My counseling theory paper

The only solution that is permanent, complete, and dependable is the one no one wants to explore. It is also important to avoid the presumption that being young necessarily precludes a person from having significant emotional and psychological baggage.

The student will be given the opportunity to access this spiritual dimension within himself, and respond to the The inventory of personal My counseling theory paper and weaknesses will enable the student to see directions and open up possibilities for life choices.

My father was always a very hard worker and was hardly home due to working so many jobs in order to provide for the family. Some areas in which these choices must be made are education, career choice, moral values, and lifestyle.

I come from a mixed, biracial, and very religious family. Education, politics, philosophy, and even religion will fail to change man from the outside. The resolution of these conflicts will demand a full understanding of the forces at work in the human personality, which strive for dominance, and the necessary steps to take to bring these forces into harmony.

The counselor can lead the student to analyze his dreams, relate them to some concrete realities, and give them substance as a goal or ambition. As part of this assessment, the student will reveal his understanding of human nature, and given opportunity to examine both the spiritual and the sensory dimensions of life.

Assessment needs to be part of every counseling process, since no real progress can be made until the counselor and the student understand where they are starting.

It looks at the bigger picture as a whole not just one part of the whole because I believe in order to truly understand someone you need to perhaps dissect pieces, but only in order to understand the whole.

It is a difficult concept to grasp at first because society teaches us that it is about building relationships and finding someone to validate who you are as a person, but existentialism is about understanding and facing the fact that we are essentially alone and facing that anxiety. Since then, she never once told a soul as it continued to occur.

We are not validated by any one circumstance or person, we can choose to discover for ourselves who we are and who we wish to become. Basic core values are formed in the early years of life, but they are not fixed beyond change.

These conflicts form the planting ground for seeds to be sown for the new future. At an early age my grandmother was forced into prostitution as a way of life and a means to sustain herself. At the same time, the sensory nature answers to the call of the instinctual urges. The basic way a counselor can win the trust of the student is to assure them through words and actions that he is their advocate, and will help them go where they want to go.

It is about recognizing certain tragedies experienced in life, but also embracing and understanding the positive opportunities that lie ahead, and to also comprehend the fact that we are human and what it means to be just that.

I certainly took advantage of the change in the fabric of society, but I also recognized that humanity was subject to change depending on what prevailing philosophy was advocated by the policy-makers in power at the time.

I am a product of the era in which I was reared, the experiences I have had, and the choices I have made during my life.

By using them, the student finds a means of connecting with those around them in an understandable way. He knows what ails us, and has the remedy for the disease-selfishness.

Too many times, clients have approached me with disappointment in therapist they have encountered and they are turned off by the idea of counseling because of several negative experiences.

She then later met my grandfather who was a minister in a local religious church and they married. My reading of history deepened this impression, which is replete with turning points fostered by the morality, religion, philosophy or whim of one ruler or another.

Without coercion or inference, the counselor will lift the veil on the fact of spiritual existence, activity and power. I have seen and experienced all of this personally whether with family or friends and I have a passion and urge to help make a difference.

This is not a situation where one counseling theory covers all clients, so I would tailor each to the specific person because I understand their situation is unique and requires a technique to match.

My theory of counseling, while not a religious dogma, certainly includes the truth that without a personal relationship with God man is hopeless and helpless to find his way out of the morass.COUNSELING*THEORY*PAPER* * 5* The theory that seems most congruent with my view of my beginning process of change is person-centered therapy.

After the therapeutic relationship is built, the. I would like to apply this theory to both individual and group counseling.

Finally, of all the types of psychotherapy, the most widely accepted as useful for PTSD treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (Sayer, N.

My Counseling Theory Paper

A.;U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services Research and. Running head: PERSONAL COUNSELING THEORY 1 Personal Counseling Theory Paper Valeria D. Cantore B.S. Troy University Author Note This paper corresponds to the Personal Counseling Theory Paper published in Live Text for CP Theories of Counseling on July of The following paper will discuss my perspective on becoming an effective counselor, what philosophies and concepts make up my theoretical ideas, what my intended goals are for counseling, my direct and indirect role as a therapist and finally what techniques I plan on using to engage clients in the process.

Ted Finkenbeiner's "Theory of Counseling Paper". Ted is currenty in cohort 2. INTRODUCTION: I am a product of the era in which I was reared, the experiences I. Developing a personal theory of counseling is essential for beginning counselors. Current approaches de- emphasize life experiences before graduate training and fail .

My counseling theory paper
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