Marketing plan for a cosmetics company essay

Coca-Cola Company has been using the fat and jolly Santa Claus in advertising of its products, this has enabled it to increase on its sales and production for its products.

Coca-Cola company employees prepare financial reports on an annual basis to inform the customers at its existence and production of high quality products. Marketing plan prepared by the management determines how well it will exist in the market. Identification of a product can be controlled through electronic and physical methods.

Sales forecast review by management Sales forecast review by management can be achieved through using the sales manager who can understand the contacts in the industry, can familiarize themselves with advertising and promotion techniques that will increase sales revenue for an organization.

Sales forecast is the driving force of all financial forecasts. Market The size and mark up of a market is determined by the products being sold in a business.

Product identification A brief discussion is made concerning an existing or new product of a business in the marketing plan. The Coca Cola Company produces different kinds of products which increases of its sale turnover and makes it to have a higher competitive advantage as opposed to its competitors.

Marketing personnel evaluate the results marketing decisions made in previous years and the market in which a business operates in order to make the right decisions. In the marketing there should be a mission statement that identifies a businesses long-run goal, market it serves incentives and products and services given to customers.

Some non-financial market metrics can be used to measure the success of a business. These can be achieved through evaluating the competitors experience in business, purchasing power, market position, strength predictability and the freedom to abandon the market.

Pricing A price is determined by the net income and the objective that a company have for the market of its product. Coca Cola company pricing is friendly as its products are recyclable therefore minimizing on the cost of producing the empty bottles used to pack its products.

Coca Cola Company overall objective has been to meet the needs of its customers, to penetrate the market through providing high quality products and having a big market share through distributing its products to all parts of the world.

Coca-Cola Company sells soft drinks and beverages to the customers. In marketing plan, distribution is an important element that consists of decision variables such as; distribution channels as direct, retail and intermediate channels; criteria for evaluating distributions ;locations; motivators of channels such as distributor margins and logistics such as transportation ,warehousing and order fulfillment.

Tables and graphs can be used to show the pricing trends and decisions of different products of a company. The qualification of the sales personnel to generate sales leads, their relationship with the distributors and location of their sales outlets in order to increase the revenue of an organization is taken into consideration.

Sales forecast Sales forecast is derived through understanding a product, market for a product, price, promotional methods used, and types of distribution a channel for a product. Coca-Cola company produces syrups fit for consumption thus reducing the cost of transporting products from one place to another.

The management of business should use the marketing plan to determine the environment in which a business can flourish in the industry. Promotion A product should be advertised and promoted in the market so that the customer can get to know about its existence in the market. Product decisions should include products brand name, quality, and scope of the product line, warranty and its mode of packaging.

According to Porter, he stated that it is important to prepare a detailed competitive summary of the products and services variables and be ranked in comparison to those of its competitors so as to prepare the right plan for a business.

The pricing decisions can be determined by knowing the market, competitors, the economic condition of a country and the customers.Essay Marketing Plan Soft Drink Company 1st Half Executive Summary The following plan is intended to provide a basic marketing communications plan for a fictitious company.

The company in question operates in China and produces soft drinks, particularly adult soft drinks. Marketing Plan for a Herbal Company - Himalaya Herbals. Essay by Magnet, University, Bachelor's, C+, April download word file, 12 pages download word file, 12 pages 13 votes/5(13).

Marketing Plan King Of Shaves Essay - I. Executive summary King of Shaves (KOS) is a British-based shaving, skin care and grooming brand founded by Will King.

King incorporated KMI (Knowledge & Merchandising Inc. Ltd.) on April 13th Marketing Plan for a Cosmetics Company Essay - Marketing Plan for a Cosmetics Company EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. CosmoCosmetics. Sunshine Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, Fl CosmoCosmetics has decided to create a new foundation make up line for African American women exclusively.

Marketing plan A marketing plan is a detailed, researched and written report that a business uses in order to outline the actions that should be taken to customers and clients and measures taken to persuade them to purchase the product.

The Australian Cosmetics Company Is A Cosmetic Company Marketing Essay. Print Reference this So this assessment aims to make a marketing plan for Australia cosmetic company to develop its natural products overseas in Japan to have a further market expansion.

The Australian Cosmetics Company is a cosmetic company located in Australia and.

Marketing plan for a cosmetics company essay
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