Internship report on foreign exchange department of uttara bank ltd

Limitation of the Scope: It plays a pivots role in the economics development of a country and forms the core of the money market in a advance country, in recent times the banking sector of the world has been undergoing a lot of changes due to deregulation.

The famous merchant houses established branches to trade centers at home and abroad began to use credit devises to accommodate their customers Jagath Seth, for example, had his branch office in London in the 18th century.

However, in many cases the statutory definition closely mirrors the common law one. The groups are familiar in the name of 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation banks. Negotiation of export and import document when discrepancy occurs.

Time Limitation The main and the first constraints is time that hinder to cover all aspect of the study.

Interest Rate for Loan & Deposit

Investment income of the bank shared with depositors according to a ratio to endure a reasonable fair rate of return on their depositors. Cater to all different segments of retails and wholesale customer. I am working conventional banking system of Uttara Bank Limited.

For the purpose of the relevant information of other branch and also head Office, I am communicate with the branch manager of Jatrabari branch with the help of my branch advisor and also tiring to visit Head Office and other branches for collecting information an overall banking operation.

In other English common law jurisdictions there are statutory definitions of the business of banking or banking business.

It is possible acquired by the practical knowledge. To get the real information and data about general banking services, researcher asked some respondents and clients directly. Their original objective was to provide easily accessible savings products to all strata of the population. It will help to develop my knowledge in sector.

The second ancestor of banks was the moneylender. Green Road Branch began its operation in with the inauguration of Uttara bank; Green Road Branch conducts all types of commercial business activities. Mobilizing deposit from the surplus economic unit to deficit economic unit.

Through this method, he has collected some data about general banking services. Then the agency house of jagth Seth was similar to the merchant house of Lombardy Street.Uttara Bank Limited is one of the largest private Banks in Bangladesh, The Bank has more than foreign correspondents at world Interest Rate for Loan.

INTERNSHIP REPORT ON prepare of this report. My internship in Southeast Bank Limited was a worthwhile experience Advance and Foreign Exchange. offered by foreign exchange department of Uttara Bank at Uttara Bank Ltd is such non Documents Similar To Internship Report of Uttara Bank.5/5(4).

Internship Report On An Analysis of Financial Performance and Foreign Exchange Activities of Uttara Bank Limited Course Name: Internship (BUS). Internship Report for A special focus on foreign exchange of Uttara Bank it can be used to identify the performance of Uttara Bank Ltd.

and. “Foreign Exchange Activities of Uttara Bank Ltd.” Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Comilla University. Page | 1 1.

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Introduction Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an %(1).

Internship report on foreign exchange department of uttara bank ltd
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