Instructional competencies of a good teacher

Silva and Contreras describe the steps of this model, from joint lesson planning, to mutual observations and "critical friend" style debriefing, to holding teachers accountable for the resulting plans to change their instruction.

For example, at one company I worked with, their favorite training model was to create a learning guide and then have the learners take turns reading out loud from the guides in a lockstep training session. For example, even a simple Performance Aid requires: The article also describes how such one-on-one conversations can be expanded to improve professional conversations about teaching and learning throughout the school.

Its main disadvantage is that people do not normally learn at the same pace. Sometimes your job is not to train the workers who cannot perform the task, but to train their supervisors or managers in effective coaching and supervision techniques.

In lesson study, teachers and coaches of all levels of experience can work together, each bringing his or her own professional questions to the work.

The idea is to take a coach that excels in a certain subject, say K-3 language arts, and bounce that teacher across the county to help all K-3 language arts teachers in that particular subject.

At their best, evaluation and coaching should proceed on separate but complementary tracks. In addition, you might learn something new! Selecting the best medium for each module and incorporating it into your course allows you to build a Best-Of-Class blended program.

If not, then there are several other options to consider when selecting the delivery system: This article shows how a principal can use the steps of the formative coaching cycle to deepen the conversation following a classroom observation. The authors discuss the skills and conditions needed to make virtual coaching successful, and the kind of technology and equipment both teacher and coach need to proceed including sample prices.

What are instructional coaches and how do they help teachers?

The disadvantages are the interruptions that take place in the workplace with OJT, while a JPA provides no supervision or coaching. Budgeting is another factor, such as when economies take a downward spiral, such as it did inwhen organizations looked for the cheapest methods to deliver training.

Also, do not take a complete training program through the chart, but rather each activity or module of your training program. The strategies of good coaches and the right drivers for whole-system reform go hand in hand.

What Good Coaches Do Jim Knight Instructional coaching guru Jim Knight suggests that how we think about coaching can enhance or interfere with our success as a coach.

Coaching: The New Leadership Skill

Black, and Ronald A. Designing it so it performs as intended. Instructional coaches are new to Washington County — Croley accepted her position at Grandview two years ago after 13 years as a teacher. Observing teachers should be actively engaged in the lesson—for example, by taking notes on specific students, or by jumping in at planned points to take over part of the instruction.

Not really a textbook but a fun read and quite applicable to materials technology. Instructional Resources These are educational products in engineering including kits, labs, books, workshops and posters. Another mistake is to use coaching as a data source for evaluation, for example, when an administrator asks a coach for information regarding teacher performance.

Another popular blend is using elearning to learn the basics of a task and then using classroom discussions and activities to master the task.

Hartnett-Edwards describes three case studies of a coach who worked effectively with three different teachers in a rural Hawaiian elementary school.Founding Instructional Manager (Teacher), all subject areas About the Paulo Freire School The Paulo Freire Charter Schoo (aka The Freire School) has received authorization and approval from the New Jersey State Department of Education to open a charter school in.

Master of Education in Instructional Design. Licensed teachers, specialists in art, music, and literature, district curriculum developers, and corporate trainers who want to increase their curriculum development skills and advance their careers.

Selecting the Instructional Setting

The program requires a total of 30 competency units (CUs), our equivalent to the traditional. Sep 22,  · The instructional setting(s) chosen in this step will normally have several minor media within it that can be selected on their ability to carry the smaller chunks of learning activities or methods.

Instructional Resources

For example, showing a video in a classroom setting — think Blended Learning. Another popular blend is using elearning to learn the basics of a task and then using classroom discussions and activities to. What Good Coaches Do Jim Knight. Instructional coaching guru Jim Knight suggests that how we think about coaching can enhance or interfere with our success as a coach.

He suggests that coaches take a partnership approach to collaboration and adopt seven principles that define how coaches interact with collaborating teachers: equality, choice. This was probably one of my biggest first lessons. I had always considered myself a pretty good listener.

6 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Instructional Coach

Then I started coaching. Inspiring and Encouraging Instructional Coaches and Teachers. Evaluating Teachers with Classroom Observations - Lessons Learned in Four Districts 4 Background The United States is in the middle of a transformation in how teacher quality is characterized and evaluated.

Until recently, teachers were valued institutionally in terms of academic credentials and years of teaching.

Instructional competencies of a good teacher
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