I have no idea about title

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Bansville is nice this time of year. Does Obama work for the space lizards?

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I would trust a top comment here over pretty much any racist sub, especially a default, any day. Agitated conspiracy wingnuts will only be allowed if they are entertaining.

We also might ban you just because we feel like it. Promoting a rational and evidence-based approach to Rules Thou shalt not vote or comment in linked threads or comments, and in linked threads or comments, thou shalt not vote or comment.Have no idea is a phrase appears many times in the book We have no idea: A guide to the unknown universe, for example in the title.

I have to wonder how often this is being played out. A woman I know is a naturalized, retired college professor married to a native born white retired college professor and Trump supporter. At first she told me that she knows she's a target to lose her citizenship because she's married to a born citizen.

Real quick, this is another chapter, but I seriously have no title for this.


So, let's go in to the story. (This is after he woke up) I had the worst dream ever. I thought my precious (Y/N) left me. But she wouldn't leave me for the stupid guild, Fairy Tail. After all she is in my place, so she. Nov 22,  · I have recntly seen a psychiatrist in regards to picking the right medication.

After telling them the side effects on each different one and the one they normally prescribe to people and getting them worried, they have come up with solution that I be psychotic. Nov 07,  · 'I Have No Idea' tells the story of a world where being creative is a sickness; where each person dies when they reach ideas.

David, our main character, is a young man in his late twenties who one day realizes and finally acknowledges that he is on his 90th idea/10(7).

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I have no idea about title
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