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One major theme can be found in book 2, chapter 53, where Thucydides describes the situation in Athens after it had been stricken with plague during the Peloponnesian War. Impartially he chronicles the clash of a military and a commercial imperialism: At the same time in speeches a reoccurring criticism of Athens is its arrogance.

He goes on to describe how Corcyra was amidst turmoil as the Corcyraean people were engaged in killing their fellow citizens 3. A strategy would most certainly be needed for the military actions needed to defeat Sparta. Other themes that can be found within this work are those of wealth, preparedness and the idea that the chances for the unforeseen, like war teaching violence, is prolonged as long as war continues.

Just how can politics elevate or poison a society? It is better evidence than that of the poets, who exaggerate the importance of their themes, or of the prose chroniclers, who are less interested in telling the truth than in catching the attention of the public, whose authorities cannot be checked, and whose subject matter, owing to the passage of time, is mostly lost in the unreliable streams of mythology… As for this present war, even though people are apt to think that the war in which they are fighting is the greatest of all wars, and, when it is over, to relapse again into their admiration of the past, nevertheless, if one looks at the facts themselves, one will see that this was the greatest war of all.

In the decades after the Persian Wars of the early 5th century B. The Spartans offer a truce to the Athenians with the idea that they were already desirous of making peace and were only held back by their allies from doing so 4.

People are inclined to accept all stories from ancient times in an uncritical way… However, I do not think that one will be far wrong in accepting the conclusions I have reached from the evidence which I have put forward. People began to become completely careless of everything because death was rampant throughout their lands 2.

This is not the only instance in which the idea of war teaching violence is displayed.

History of the Peloponnesian War

Given the opportunity, the subject parts of its empire will break away. Rex Warnerrevised ed. In which case this is a tale about hubris. Why is nations visit war? He has decided what to trust as reliable information and what to include in his history. Only Thebes would have then been outside the Peloponnese and hence should constitute the next major target for the war as it was not only one of Athens principle rivals but would greatly reduce the threat to Athens if defeated and make the rest of the campaign a far easier proposition.

At least at first, time was largely on Athens side. The work chronicles most of the war, although Thucydides died before its conclusion; his account ends at B.

Thucydides tells a very familiar story of Machtpolitik. Scholars consider the last book unfinished since it both lacks the speeches found in the first seven books and stops at the year B.

Twentieth-century classicists have moved away from this kind of analysis to more broad-based concerns, especially embracing the History during the major military conflicts of the century.

Analysis of The History of The Peloponnesian War, By Thucydides

These two wars pitted countries which were extraordinarily even-matched and beg many questions about the influence of military strategies and how these strategies relate to the theories of two of the most famous strategists, Sun Tzu and Carl Clausewitz.

Though specific at length, the questions he addressed were timeless: This is another level at which Thucydides is intriguing, fear can be the general psychology background of a society yet the practical application of policy is capable of a range of nuance. Not only do speeches constitute a sizable portion of the preceding books, but the History generally treats speeches as an intregal part of the political scene; the Funeral Oration by Pericles, in which Thucydides recalled an idealized Athens, has received considerable critical attention as an important text in itself.

This another clear example of how Thucydides suggests that war is a violent teacher, being that, the Peloponnesian War has caused the state of Corcyra to fall under absolute disorder, as fellow citizens were now butchering each other.

The lack of threats and definite consequences pushes fear into the realm of the irrational uncertainty. As an example, he states that recklessness began to be thought of as courageous and cautious planning to be cowardly 3.

Thucydides was writing after Herodotus and his epic on the Persian war but opens by telling us that this war was "more worthy of of relation than any that had preceded it He was a military man interested in the vastly different political and economic patterns of Athens and Sparta.

Thucydides says that because they had the hostages they felt as if they were in a superior position, and so, they demanded that the Spartans restore many settlements that the Athenians were forced to give up 4.

Believing that their lives would not last long, people began to openly engage in activities that were previously kept hidden and quick and easy satisfactions became the only thing that people sought after 2. According to Thucydides, honor had lost all meaning and fear of god or any man was no longer a restraint 2.

Thucydides Critical Essays

Athens can compel the rebels to obedience, but only for as long as its politicians are able to respect the foundations of Athenian power.Search results for: Thucydides on writing history articles. Click here for more information!

Search results for: Thucydides on writing history articles. Click here for more information!

Thucydides on writing history articles

In the chronologies and narrative, the “History from the Peloponnesian War” is really a marvel of direct prose, as Thucydides combines. Thucydides' reputation as a primary historian of the ancient world derives from his one work, the History of the Peloponnesian War.

Thucydides began compiling his work at the onset of the war in B.C., becoming one of the earliest historians to write contemporary history, and he continued to record the events of the war as it unfolded.

History of the Peloponnesian War Fun Activities

Thucydides an Athenian aristocrat and veteran of the Peloponnesian War documented the war from the beginning of the conflict in BC to its conclusion in BC. His on the scene reporting was the first of its kind and has been used by historians and political theorists for the last twenty four hundred years.

The Peloponnesian War Essay; The perspective that Thucydides took to write History of the Peloponnesian War gave his work, on a first read, the impression that his opinion was removed to provide an objective analysis of the destruction of the greatness of Athens over the period of the war.

He began with a “medical history” of how. Peloponnesian War Essay The Peloponnesian War was a Greek conflict fought by the Peloponnesian League, led by Sparta, and the Athenian Empire.

The war lasted 27 years, from to b.c.e., with a six-year truce in the middle, and ended with an. The lead up to the Peloponnesian War is the basis for a great deal of theory in International Relations due to the system of alliances.

Learn more about how this caused a Greek-wide conflict. The Macedonians were able to conquer Greece quickly thereafter.

How to write a blog about history of the peloponnesian
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