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During the long period of recovery through meditation, prayer, and conversations with my wife, I took a leap of faith to pursue further education in a field that had been forming in my spirit for many years. The coursework at Liberty has given me a clear understanding of the American School Counselor Association National model which includes the foundation program focus, student competencies, professional competencesdelivery direct student services, indirect student servicesmanagement assessment toolsand accountability data analysis, program results, evaluation and improvement of a comprehensive school counseling program.

Their expertise and insight have been invaluable into the practical best practices of a school counselor and the many challenges of a novice counselor. My personal development changed in a dramatic way when I contracted viral pneumonia that nearly took my life.

Reflective Essay - Professional Growth Reflective Essay - Professional Growth My personal and professional journey as a professional school counseling student at Liberty University can be illustrated through many life-changing events. This development has been accelerated by joining the American School Counselor Association which has helped me understand the many issues that a professional school counselor will need to face on a daily basis.

My internships at the elementary and secondary school systems have given me practical and real-world competencies and I look forward to my future as a professional school counselor. I chose to pursue my studies at Liberty University in the Master of Education program with the school counseling specialization.

A critical understanding of ASCA ethical standards has been an important understanding especially concerning confidentiality and informed consent.

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My professional growth during my course work included a multicultural component where I immersed myself in the Hispanic culture through research and personal contact.

This experience has developed many essential skills for effective sales, and also for school counselors. Professional and personal growth during my course work included a field experience at the White Oak School which provides special design programs for students with autism and intellectual disabilities.

My internship at the elementary school gave me needed practical skills in directing small groups in both career and academic development interventions. I interviewed a Hispanic co-worker about her experiences in our community concentrating on her family traditions, educational opportunities, employment history, and personal goals for her family.

As I strove to be an excellent salesman, I was learning the values of relationship building, team building, and record-keeping. The course work in School Counseling Program Development and Evaluation has required knowledge and implementation of the following components: My internship at Martinsville High School enabled me to implement individual student planning in post-secondary educational plans, and also academic planning with students who may want to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematic careers.

Effectively developing the dispositions of an effective school counselor has been wonderfully built through the pertinent discussions and replies required for each class.

I became the consummate student of people. My career story begins with the first thirty years of employment as an outside business to business salesman.

The White Oak School activities gave me the experience of working one-on-one with a twenty-one year old male with multiple disabilities and also a student with severe learning disorders including autism. I have been described as a career-changer at the age of fifty eight years old. The online program in pursuing the M.

I look at my academic progress and I can say that each course has challenged me to improve my skills and abilities to become a competent school counselor who is willing and able to meet the challenges of a counselor and educator. Another important component to my skill set was the crisis management field experience where I interviewed a high school counselor on real-life plans in place in my county school system to handle neglect, physical abuse, suicide, or other threats of harm to self or others.

I have found each course to be a challenge in reading, research, and writing. The support of an online mentoring community of school counseling students and the direction of committed professors has given me needed professional development as a graduate student during my courses and internship experiences.

I felt like this would fit my future goal of becoming a counselor in the public school system. In addition, I have immersed myself in online chat and Facebook counselor groups where I have discussed issues with counselors at various stages of career development. I can say that this academic journey has been a blessing of personal fulfillment and renewed focus, and look forward to my new career as a professional school counselor.

In this multicultural component I also researched the Mexican subculture within the our region and visited an Hispanic worship service and afterwards conducted an informal interview of their pastor.EDUC Advanced Educational Learning Theories EDUC Search.

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Reid, G. (). Learning Styles and Inclusion. Interview Project. benchmark assessment educ Cluster Grouping by Ability Vickie Blankenship / L Liberty University Online EDUC Advanced Educational Psychology Documents Similar To Educ Customized Learning Theory Vickie Blank en Ship.

ProblemPreventionPlan. Uploaded by. Jenelle Reese.5/5(1). Interview candidates at Liberty University rate the interview process an overall positive experience.

Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Liberty University is easy. Some recently asked Liberty University interview questions were, "I don't remember much, but they were literally Googling questions to ask at first. Barrows, D. ()Understanding the times: A causal/comparative study of the effectiveness of a Christian worldview curriculum in helping studentsdevelop a Christian worldview (Doctoral dissertation, Liberty University).

E. Historical Review Project (MLO: A, B, C, F, G) OR set up a phone interview using 10–12 instructor-approved Candidates with a documented disability may contact Liberty University.

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Educ 500 interview project liberty university
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