Computer mediated communication disadvantages advantages

Knowledge construction occurs when students explore issues, take positions, discuss those positions in an argumentative format, and reflect on and re-evaluate their positions. We see this in the lack of non-verbal cues in the virtual world and the challenge this poses. On the other hand, asynchronous communication does not happen in real time.

This willingness to disclose more online leads to closer relationships more quickly. CMC is a good instructional vehicle for information collection, writing, analysis, problem solving, information gathering and dissemination, and sharing interests, feelings, and attitudes in the cognitive and affective domains of intellectual skills and attitudes.

In doing so they highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages of Computer Mediated Communication CMC in the virtual workforce.

CMC facilitates the archive of information. Retrieved from The American University of Cairo official website: A new world of information is opened to everyone that can appeal to us and our interests and enhance our education.

Disadvantage for Communication in Computer Technology

Prior to email, video calls, texting and instant messaging, written messages took weeks to months to travel around the world. For some, talking to lecturers are worst than trying to overcome the Fear Factor. This means that communication can happen anytime, anywhere.

However, there are also advantages to communicating via computer equipment such as personal computers, handheld devices, phones and web cams. Do you think that the advantages outweighs the disadvantages?

While conferencing, the learner is electronically engaged in discussion and interaction with peers and experts in a process of social negotiation. Misunderstandings and unintended unfriendliness might also arise particularly when dealing with late or short replies in asynchronous communication.

An experiment with online discussions. Now imagine another situation, a girl confesses to a guy, and he pretends to reject her kindly, but behind the screen, he is laughing together with his friends.

However, when the need arise, students could easily approach their lecturers via emails or more simply, just through Facebook.

CMC ensures superiority in reach. When passing out instructions, or receiving instructions from someone else, it is always better to use a written medium so that we could always refer back to the instruction when needed to especially when we forget.

Since this method of communication is instant, it allows individuals to send and receive emergency messages and take necessary action before something serious occurs. Two communicating people do not need to be available at the same time in order to communicate.

A good example that I personally experience would be when doing group assignments. In my opinion, CMC cannot and should not replace face-to-face human interaction. Having a diverse set of opinions can be very valuable when products are released to wider global marketplace.

It helps one to overcome the relationship initiation barriers that are caused by reasons such as shyness, appearance or physical limitations. Laziness Communication technology can lead to laziness. Instead companies are benefiting not only from the willingness but the desire for their employees to work remotely.

We cannot fully trust that the other party is telling the truth, because we cannot see what is really going on the other side.While computer-mediated communication can be beneficial, computer technology can also hamper the communication process. Nonverbal Communication In face to face communication, nonverbal cues such as the tone of voice and hand gestures, help to reinforce the message you are communicating.

Some advantages of computer mediated communication include enhancing the flow of information, encouraging participants to express their thoughts freely and allowing people to share information regardless of geographic location.

Mar 05,  · Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Mediated Communication in the Context of UNIMAS Students and Staff Posted on March 5, by newtechnocomm Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) in its name is a rather foreign concept, but in reality, we have subconsciously been using CMC all our lives.

Computer-mediated communication takes place in work relationships, family relationships, romantic relationships and friendships. There are some concerns with computer-mediated conversations, including concerns about dwindling interpersonal communication skills.

Computer Mediated Communication Disadvantages Advantages  Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication Abstract This paper examines deception in computer-mediated communicationTypes of deception are identity deception, mimicking of data and processes, insincere responses, false excuses and promises, and fraud.

What Are Some Advantages of Computer Mediated Communication?

Disadvantages of Computer Mediated Communication Introduction Computer mediated communication is largely categorized into two. The first form is the real time communication while the other form communication between parties does not occur at.

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Computer mediated communication disadvantages advantages
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