Bottled water business plan in nigeria the richest

In the event that there is a need in borehole it is smarter to procure professionals. However, it is important that the place is kept in good and hygienic conditions. Water which is suppose to be the primary responsibility of the government is not so in Nigeria, for you to get a clean and a drinkable water you must be careful as to where this water is sourced from and that brings us to pure water production process and how to start a pure water business in Nigeria.

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bottled water business plan

You would need people to help you out with loading and off-loading, counting, driving, accounting and supervision. Bottled water business plan in Nigeria: But I can authoritatively tell you that the era of sachet water may soon come to an end.

For more information about their website, a simple Google search for the pure water company name will help.

Pure Water / Bottled Water Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles - report The people involved in the bottled water industry in Nigeria works on improving the standards of living, because the availability of good water is an issue in the country. The reason why it is a fast selling product is because sachet water is cheaper especially when compared to bottled water.

Bottled water industry in Nigeria

The plant will use Reverse Osmosis coupled with micro filtration and Ozonator water treatment method this is to ensure compliance with the National Agency for food and drug administration and control Standard and to capture the high quality conscious Water drinking Nigerians. Distribution Van Another thing you would need is a distribution van to help you with supplying products to customers easily.

2018 Pure Water/Bottled & Sachet Water Business Plan In Nigeria PDF

It is a favourable business to embark on as it is in great demand by the populace. The company has applied for certification as a woman-owned business, which is in progress.

Bottled water business plan in Nigeria Bottled water business plan in Nigeria Study of the market This is a standard initial step for any sort of business. Our Pricing Strategy When it comes to pricing for products such as bottled watered, there are two sides to the coin.

Now establishing a bottled water company is probably one of the best business moves you would make especially if you intend doing business in a populated country.

Choose the right location This kind of business requires space for management office, machinery, parking space, store for bottles and so on. Other production materials can either be purchased in the marketplace or outsourced Bottles and labels. In addition, two commission sales associates will be hired to secure new customers.

Therefore, be prepared to hire people to assist you with these functions. The aim of this yet-to-be implemented law is to combat the growing environmental degradation caused by these materials, since they are not bio-degradable.

Completed Generating capital from family members and friends: Contract specialists It is smarter to discover talented specialists with the specialized learning of the equipment and all the procedure of creation.

Water is a required component we could ever imagine, so the request is constantly high. Thus creating a corresponding need for bottled water. Almost 80 per cent of all hospitals in Nigeria today lack good potable water; hence the need to remove the entire undesirable elements and pathogens it may contain through treatment.

Hence, you need a very solid water purification system. Completed Purchase of Insurance for the Business: The storage tanks are usually bought by custom order, you order the capacity of water you want it to hold and they build the tank usually from metal, non-corrosive of course.

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In other to continue to be in business and grow, we must continue to sell our products to the available market which is why we will go all out to empower or sales and marketing team to deliver our corporate sales goals.

We have detailed information and data that we were able to utilize to structure our business to attract the numbers of customers we want to attract per time and also for our products to favorable compete with other leading brands in the United States of America and Canada.

Hire workers It is better to find skilled workers with technical knowledge of the equipment and all the process of production. Rather than wait till that time, you can position yourself now to take advantage of any arising opportunity.

In view of that, our prices will conform to what is obtainable in the industry but will ensure that within the first 6 to 12 months our products are sold a little bit below the average prices of various bottled water production brands in the United States of America.Do you want to start a bottled water production company?

Do you need a sample bottled water business plan template? Then below is an in-depth guide on how to start a bottled water company. Bottled water can be defined as drinking water packaged in glass or plastic bottles; and this water can be either distilled water or spring water, or mineral water.

A Sample Bottled Water Production Business Plan Template. Business Overview; Bottled water is one commodity that is consumed in all parts of the world and of course those that are in the business of producing bottled water are known to generate sales year in year out if the business is well – managed.

the BOTTLED BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive bottled water production business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful bottled water production business or pure water production business.

A Sample Bottled Water Production Business Plan Template

The best pure water companies in Nigeria are not easily identified. There are numerous bottling and pure companies that produce bottled water for us. We have the. The BOTTLED WATER BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive outline on how to start a pure water business and how to start a bottled water business.

bottled water business plan in nigeria pdf bottled water business plan proposal bottled water business plan executive summary.

Pure Water / Bottled Water Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study. Pure Water / Bottled Water Business Plan in Nigeria – In this article, we are going to talk about the following: How to start a pure ware/ bottled water business in Nigeria. Why you should start the business in Nigeria.

Bottled water business plan in nigeria the richest
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