A look into life and works of paul klee the swiss painter and graphic artist

In such paintings, Klee tried to give back to art a symbol that must have seemed lost forever in the nightmarish violence of World War I and the social unrest that followed. While Lily worked playing music, Klee tended the house and worked on his art in the kitchen.

Klee also came to know a wide variety of French Cubist painting from Der Blaue Reiter exhibitions of —12 and from a visit he made to Paris in April The spidery, exact line, crawling and scratching around the edges of his fantasy, works in a small compass of post-Cubist overlaps, transparencies, and figure- field play-offs.

Colour and I are one. Music figures prominently in his work—in his many images of opera and musicians, and to some extent as a model for his compositions. June 29,is difficult to classify. The intonations of color present in this painting inspire a musical feeling.

As a youth, he wrote poetry and even tried his hand at writing plays. He married pianist Lily Stumpf in and had a son Felix. Upon graduating from the Literarschule in he left for Munichwhich was then the artistic capital of Germany, and enrolled in the private art school of Heinrich Knirr.

There is a childlike quality to his work. Klee remained at the Dusseldorf Academy untilwhen Adolf Hitler came to power; from then on, it was no longer possible to work in Germany.

In Klee visited Italy, and in he made his first trip to Paris.

The works of Paul Klee at the Zentrum Paul Klee

Dancing girl was composed on oil on linen and then glued on to a panel. The paper, hospitable to every felicitous accident of blot and puddle in the watercolor washes, contains the images gently.

But in the temporary remission of his illness led to a remarkable outpouring of creative energy that was sustained until only a few months before his death in In the first signs of the illness that caused his death appeared.

He cooked, cleaned, and painted.

Paul Klee's Birthday: Celebrating The Swiss-German Painter With A Survey Of Works (PHOTOS)

His lectures at the Bauhaus, recorded in more than 3, pages of notes and drawings, were a remarkable attempt to show how the formal elements of art—simple linear constructions and geometric motifs—could be used to build complex symbolic compositions.

To celebrate his fiftieth birthday, Klee was given a major retrospective in Berlin in In Klee received an appointment to teach at the Bauhausthe school of modern design founded in in WeimarGermany, by the architect Walter Gropius. Dancing Girl is a painting made up of simple short bold line strokes and a couple of circles to high light her head and hands.

Taking his wife and son, Klee moved with the Bauhaus to Dessau inwhere he stayed until So most of the time Klee could get away with a shorthand organization that skimped the spatial grandeur of high French modernism while retaining its unforced delicacy of mood.

At the end of he returned to the relative artistic isolation of Switzerlandwhere the disruptions caused by his move, along with his sudden financial uncertainty, took a toll on both the quality and quantity of his work.

He taught there and at the Bauhaus in Dessau until ; the Bauhaus years were most inspiring for Klee both as an artist and as a teacher. Klee was also an outstanding writer on formal and esthetic problems and a distinguished teacher. Accompaniment by 3 artist friends he toured the United States in order to exhibit his works.

Even when he finally settled on art as a career, Klee continued to write extensively. If Klee was not one of the great form givers, he was still ambitious. Early Life Klee was born near Bern in Switzerland in The diaries he kept from to are valuable documents rich with detailed accounts of his experiences and his observations on art and literature.

At first, Klee drew in black and white, saying he would never be a painter. Many of these paintings reflect death and the Nazi regime but they also have great vitality and energy. These can be traced to his many interests. Analysis of Painting Asleep Essay Halfway down the middle line there is a curve that forms the shape of a triangle as well as her other leg.

More than any other painter outside the Surrealist movement with which his work had many affinities — its interest in dreams, in primitive art, in myth, and cultural incongruity, he refused to draw hard distinctions between art and writing.The Life and works of Paul Klee.

By. Kevin Patterson - July 3, 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Born in December 18, Paul Klee is considered both a German and a Swiss painter.

Paul Klee – a Swiss-born painter Essay

He was raised in an artistic environment as his father was a music teacher. Although he was a talented violinist, his heart was soon captured by. There are a good 4, works by Paul Klee stored in the Art Depository of the Zentrum Paul Klee - the world’s most important collection of paintings, water colours and drawings by this artist.

The extremely comprehensive and diverse collection of works makes it impossible to display the entire range at the same time. Dec 18,  · Today is the birthday of Swiss-German painter, Paul Klee.

The expressionist artist and Bauhaus professor would turn years old if he were still magically alive. Born in Switzerland in Swiss painter and graphic artist Paul Klee ( – ) was one of the most imaginative modern art masters, producing work that spanned an astounding stylistic range.

Klee’s small, delicate works are filled with wit and references to dreams, music and poetry, and blended primitive art, Surrealism, Cubism and children's art. The Swiss-born painter, graphic artist and printmaker Paul Klee was involved in several of the major modern art movements including Expressionism and Surrealism, and is noted for his colourful and varied fantasy-style of art depicting a world of semi-abstract, dreamlike images.

With Heinz Berggruen’s gift of ninety works by Paul Klee spanning the artist’s entire career, the Metropolitan Museum has become an important center for the study of this German artist.

Klee is known for his simple stick figures, suspended fish, moon faces, eyes, arrows, and quilts of color.

A look into life and works of paul klee the swiss painter and graphic artist
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