A geography paper of new zealand

South Island

National and Labour, the two largest parties, therefore negotiate with the smaller parties to form a coalition government or a minority government. Most roads in New Zealand are quite narrow and winding when compared to the highways of the USAand travelling a long distance in a bus can be a safe and relaxing way to travel compared with driving yourself.

These restrictions are designed to prevent the introduction of foreign diseases and pests. Entry under a visa waiver does not permit employment or studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand

Take care with any items of food that you have obtained during your travel; many people have been caught and fined for not declaring fruit they were given as part of an in-flight meal. Several South Island nationalist groups have emerged over recent years including the South Island Party with a pro-South agenda, fielded candidates in the General Election.

The mountain ranges along the northeast-southwest axis of New Zealand provide a barrier for the strong prevailing westerly winds - often referred to as the roaring forties.

Immigration New Zealand can also decide to charge an additional fee if they correspond with you directly. Services are usually only once a day, even between major towns. There are four main political parties in New Zealand: There are also options to take extended breaks in your favourite places.

If found guilty, you would be subject to a range of penalties from hefty fines for minor offences to lengthy imprisonment, even life imprisonment, for larger offences.

The Provincial Council of New Munster had only one legislative session, inbefore it succumbed to the virulent attacks of settlers from Wellington. Most shops must remain closed. Flight time from the Australian east coast is 3—4 hours, Southeast Asia is hours, the North American west coast is hours, and the Middle East is a thrombosis-causing hours the flight between Doha and Auckland is the longest non-stop flight in the world, both in distance and time.

Most shops must remain closed until The country is highly urbanised: On 1 March at Fourth Monday in October: Being a long way from anywhere else in the world, many pests and diseases that are endemic elsewhere are not present in New Zealand. Initially annexed to the colony of New South WalesNew Zealand was split off to form a separate colony in Customs and quarantine[ edit ] New Zealand has very strict biosecurity laws.

Commercially-packaged or processed food is usually allowed through by MPI, but you can still be fined if you do not declare them. Travelling by plane from European destinations takes hours, and involves at least one stopover in either Asia or the Americas.

The Supreme Court of New Zealand heads the judicial branch, and has served as the highest court of appeal since taking over that role from the UK Privy Council in National passes include the Interislander ferry and a scenic boat cruise in Milford Sound.

What is the most important thing in the world? For the next 90 years, supplying meat, wool and dairy products to the British Isles formed the basis of the New Zealand economy.

The Ministry of Education sets the school year for all state and state-integrated schools Booking in advance can get you great bargains on some lines. All food must be declared to customs, even if the food items are permitted.The South Island (Māori: Te Waipounamu) is the larger of the two major islands of New Zealand, the other being the smaller but more populous North ultimedescente.com is bordered to the north by Cook Strait, to the west by the Tasman Sea, and to the south and east by the Pacific ultimedescente.com South Island coverssquare kilometres (58, sq mi).

New Zealand was the last major landmass to be settled by people. This, combined with its late European colonisation, geological youth and geographical isolation, has led to the development of a young, vigorous nation with a well .

A geography paper of new zealand
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