A discussion on the issue of homosexuality in edinburgh

Can anybody be a Christian?

Church crosses the big question on homosexuality

If there is some intelligible connection between the gospel and sexual relationships, there would be a binding Christian sexual ethic a command of God regarding sexual behaviour even if there were no passages in Scripture that explicitly treated sexual matters.

At the end of their conversation, Roland simply put his arms around him and gave him a hug!

Kirk puts off decision on homosexual relationships

Significantly, the essay is a reflection on 2 Corinthians In his distress, he found his way to the Roslin Community, where Roland found him on his knees in prayer in the chapel. Stringfellow served for several years as the general counsel for the George W.

Holiness is not about goodness; holiness is not common pietism. Perhaps this is the most absurd fiction of them all: One day, James noticed in his garden a piece of sculpture he had not seen before.

The connection between gospel and command is intelligible. That is a parable of the double movement of grace, the God-humanward and the human-Godward movement, that takes place in the hypostatic union and in which we participate through the ministry of the Spirit.

This association apparently afforded Stringfellow opportunities to speak about homosexual advocacy to various groups. Regardless of whether one agrees or otherwise with his conclusions, this is the right ordering. It is unfortunate that the battle line has been drawn in the denominations at the question of ordination of homosexuals.

It is arbitrary to single out homosexuality as a special sin that precludes ordination.

My initial reaction to these requests was largely one of dismissal, partly because I do not think that the blogosphere is the best place to have this discussion, and partly because this question should not dominate any of our thinking about what Stringfellow or anyone else for that matter has to offer us.

There one sees the Pauline theology of an Irenaeus — that what was lost in Adam has been restored in Christ. William Stringfellow was a significant lay theologian who influenced the world of theology in the s.

That hug symbolised everything for the man. This new life does not mean the sublimation of sexuality in any of its forms. Or one who is sick, or insane, or indolent, or one possessed of power or status or respectability?Psychiatry and homosexuality in mid-twentieth-century Edinburgh: the view from Jordanburn Nerve Hospital.

Edinburgh, Fife & Lothians; when it voted to support a report advocating further study and discussion on the issue. examined how the Kirk could come to terms theologically with homosexuality. A Contribution to the Issue of Homosexuality in the First Testament.” In Samuel and Kings, edited by A.

Brenner, 22– A Feminist Companion to the Bible (Second Series). Sheffield: Sheffield Aca- Edinburgh: T & T Clark, Stansell, G. “Honor and Shame in the David Narratives.” In Was ist der. The Homosexuality of William Stringfellow Here is a discussion about the homosexuality of one of the most important lay theologians in recent.

On 23 May, its General Assembly will meet in Edinburgh, and in a vote which could split the Kirk, will decide whether to approve an appeal against the appointment of Rev Scott Rennie as minister to Queen's Cross Church in Aberdeen.

A discussion on the issue of homosexuality in edinburgh Posted at h in Novedades by An interactive timeline of an analysis of traditionally creationism the most important events in Scottish political, cultural and economic history.

A discussion on the issue of homosexuality in edinburgh
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